Five Areas Of Preparation – By Lisa Gleaves

Five Areas of Preparation
After reading a lot of helpful information on Sabbath preparation, I saw five areas that stood out:
1. Home Preparation- there is a lot to do to keep my home clean and
2. Food Preparation- I want to prepare well so my meals during Sabbath are
3. Personal Preparation- I have personal things to take care of so I won’t be
tempted to do them on Sabbath
4. Spiritual Preparation- my heart and mind need to be ready for Sabbath as
much as my home
5. Going to Church Preparation- if I attend church on Sabbath, I need to make
sure it doesn’t create any work during Sabbath

Each of these areas are important and take time to accomplish before Sabbath begins.  God asks me to prepare for Sabbath beforehand so I can receive His full Sabbath blessings.  I need to keep in mind that life is never perfect.  I will always encounter the unexpected and sometimes fall short of what I hope to accomplish in my preparations.  It’s then that I can make the decision to let everything go that I can and have a good Sabbath anyway.

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Lisa is a wife and Stay-At-Home Mom of two (soon to be three) daughters. She lives in Oklahoma and has been writing the blog "The Sabbath Challenge" for a year and a half. Her blog has grown to over 6,000 fans. She has written her first book entitled: Claiming God's SABBATH Blessings: for a more Relaxing, Happier, Healthier Life - She enjoys sharing what God has revealed to her about Sabbath and challenges others to join her in keeping Sabbath and living for God.