My Sabbath Preparation Schedule – By Lisa Gleaves

Preparations for Sabbath don’t have to be a burden or an unreachable goal.  God wants me to view them as joyful tasks that help discipline me so I can have the best time with Him during Sabbath!

A checklist makes it possible to see what I have accomplished and what I have left to get done before Sabbath begins.  It encourages me to keep going so I don’t become stressed or overwhelmed as Sabbath draws near.  I ran across several Sabbath preparation checklists and decided to combine what I found to give you the most thorough list possible.

This checklist follows a timeline schedule from Sunday-Friday.  This way, I can know and check off just what I need to accomplish each day.   You can adapt the timeline to what will work for you.

My Sabbath Preparation Schedule:

Sunday – Wednesday Preparation-
1. DAILY house cleaning, organization, straightening, wiping up, and putting
away will allow time to get everything done without stress
2. Laundry (wash, dry, iron, put away-clothes, bed sheets, towels, linens)
3. Dust
4. Make sure all household supplies are stocked (toilet paper, kleenex,
napkins, paper towels, food coverings, etc.).
5. Meals Planned (if you have guests coming, make sure you check with them
about allergies and preferences)
6. Buy Groceries

1. Vacuum
2. Mop
3. Clean bathrooms
4. Make sure all laundry is done

Thursday Evening-
1. Contact guests you have invited (confirm, give directions, etc.)
2. Print out/review/prepare any scripture you plan on studying (have
materials for everyone studying with you)
3.  If going to church- Make sure you have gas in the car (if you have to drive
to church) and make sure car maintenance is up to date (oil, repairs, tires,

1. Wash Dishes/Run dishwasher
2. Wipe down surfaces
3. Put out trash
4. Water plants
5. Meals cooked and prepared
6. Bath kids
7. Make any phone calls, emails, or mail any bills that cannot wait
8. If going to church- Have outfits for all family members ready and laid out
9. If going to church- Have all bags and needed materials set out and ready to

Friday 2 Hours Before Sundown-
1. Put away clutter and distractions (electronics-may need to be put on
silent, work papers, mail, schoolwork, etc.)
2. Bring in anything outside that should be brought in
3. Put away any toys that you want to be off limits on Sabbath and put out
any special toys set aside for Sabbath
4. Prepare or set out any food/drink warmers/coolers
5. Set the table for Sabbath dinner
6. Put out or set up any “special” Sabbath items (candles, flowers, etc.)
7. Leave work early if possible
8. Have your Bible and any other materials on hand for your studies

15 Minutes Before Sundown-
1. Turn on peaceful music
2. Take time to wind down before sunset and prepare my heart

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Lisa is a wife and Stay-At-Home Mom of two (soon to be three) daughters. She lives in Oklahoma and has been writing the blog "The Sabbath Challenge" for a year and a half. Her blog has grown to over 6,000 fans. She has written her first book entitled: Claiming God's SABBATH Blessings: for a more Relaxing, Happier, Healthier Life - She enjoys sharing what God has revealed to her about Sabbath and challenges others to join her in keeping Sabbath and living for God.